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The singing of the national anthem is a time-honored tradition at the beginning of every NHL hockey game, and the Pittsburgh Penguins are proud of our home ice tradition where fans join in and sing as one voice.

Pittsburgh native Jeff Jimerson has proudly been singing the U.S. and Canadian National Anthems at Penguins home games for more than 2 decades. Named one of the NHL’s best Anthem Singers in a 2011 BleacherReport fan survey, Jeff leads an exceptional rotation of talented local performers, many of whom earned their opportunity to sing at a Penguins game by submitting an audition demo for our consideration.


If you would like to sing the Canadian and/or U.S. National Anthem for the Pittsburgh Penguins, please contact us at AnthemAudition@pittsburghpenguins.com:

Be sure to include:
  • Your name, address, and phone number
  • A brief summary of your experience, training, and past anthem performances.
  • Anthem audition demo via link or attachment
    • Video demo is best, especially if performed in a live public venue/event.
    • Include Canadian anthem if you wish to be considered to sing both anthems.
  • Each anthem must be performed in traditional a cappella style and not overly stylized. The U.S. Anthem should not exceed 90 seconds. The Canadian Anthem should be no longer than 75 seconds.
  • Photo optional
Please note that we receive a large number of anthem requests each season, so we are very selective, and opportunities are limited. Thank you for your interest!