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As the Pittsburgh Penguins entered a new era at CONSOL Energy Center, the team also introduced a skating Ice Crew for the 2010-11 season.  Putting the snow removal crew on skates added a new level of speed and excitement to the Penguins’ game presentation.   Hundreds of applicants auditioned to be a part of history and perform on the Penguins’ first skating Ice Crew.  However, the inaugural team only consisted of fifteen athletic males and females.  The unique co-ed squad included hockey players, figure skaters and skilled speed skaters.   The Ice Crew not only cleaned the ice during TV timeouts, interacted with fans and performed intermission games but they also took part in several community and charity events throughout the season.
The Ice Crew continues to grow and will once again take the ice at CONSOL Energy Center this season, following in the footsteps of the inaugural Penguins Ice Crew.

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