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CONSOL Energy Center is the first NHL arena to be certified LEED Gold.  From design and construction to operation, this facility has been carefully planned to have a positive impact on our league, region and everyone who spends time in it.

Did you know...
  • It takes about 34 cans to make up one pound of aluminum.
  • 105,593 cans are recycled every minute in the U.S.
  • Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a television for nearly two hours.
  • If every American recycled just one more can per week, we could boost recycling rates in the U.S. from 57% to 75%.
  • Aluminum cans have amazing strength. Four six-packs (24 cans) can hold a 4,000-pound car.
  • In 2009, Americans recycled 55.5 billion aluminum cans. Those cans, placed end-to-end, could make 167 circles around the earth.

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