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Armstrong, Colby (R) Nov 23, 1982 Lloydminster, SK, CAN
Cairns, Eric (D) Jun 27, 1974 Oakville, ON, CAN
Christensen, Erik (C) Dec 17, 1983 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Crosby, Sidney (C) PIT Aug 7, 1987 Cole Harbour, NS, CAN
Dupont, Micki (D) Apr 15, 1980 Calgary, AB, CAN
Eaton, Mark (D) May 6, 1977 Wilmington, DE, USA
Ekman, Nils (L) Mar 11, 1976 Stockholm, SWE
Fleury, Marc-Andre (G) PIT Nov 28, 1984 Sorel, QC, CAN
Gonchar, Sergei (D) Apr 13, 1974 Chelyabinsk, RUS
Kwiatkowski, Joel (D) Mar 22, 1977 Kindersley, SK, CAN
Laraque, Georges (R) Dec 7, 1976 Montreal, QC, CAN
LeClair, John (L) Jul 5, 1969 St. Albans, VT, USA
Letang, Kris (D) PIT Apr 24, 1987 Montreal, QC, CAN
Malkin, Evgeni (C) PIT Jul 31, 1986 Magnitogorsk, RUS
Malone, Ryan (L) Dec 1, 1979 Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Melichar, Josef (D) Jan 20, 1979 Ceské Budejovice, CZE
Moore, Dominic (C) BOS Aug 3, 1980 Thornhill, ON, CAN
Nasreddine, Alain (D) Jul 10, 1975 Montreal, QC, CAN
Orpik, Brooks (D) WSH Sep 26, 1980 San Francisco, CA, USA
Ouellet, Michel (R) Mar 5, 1982 Rimouski, QC, CAN
Petrovicky, Ronald (R) Feb 15, 1977 Zilina, SVK
Recchi, Mark (R) Feb 1, 1968 Kamloops, BC, CAN
Roberts, Gary (L) May 23, 1966 North York, ON, CAN
Roy, Andre (R) Feb 8, 1975 Port Chester, NY, USA
Ruutu, Jarkko (L) Aug 23, 1975 Helsinki, FIN
Scuderi, Rob (D) LAK Dec 30, 1978 Syosset, NY, USA
Staal, Jordan (C) CAR Sep 10, 1988 Thunder Bay, ON, CAN
Stewart, Karl (L) Jun 30, 1983 Scarborough, ON, CAN
Talbot, Maxime (C) Feb 11, 1984 Lemoyne, QC, CAN
Thibault, Jocelyn (G) Jan 12, 1975 Montreal, QC, CAN
Thorburn, Chris (C) WPG Jun 3, 1983 Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CAN
Welch, Noah (D) Aug 26, 1982 Brighton, MA, USA
Whitney, Ryan (D) Feb 19, 1983 Boston, MA, USA
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