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Apps, Sylvanus Jr (C) Aug 1, 1947 Toronto, ON, CAN
Arnason, Ernest (R) Jul 15, 1951 Dauphin, MB, CAN
Beverley, Nicholas (D) Apr 21, 1947 Toronto, ON, CAN
Bianchin, Wayne (R) Sep 6, 1953 Nanaimo, BC, CAN
Bignell, Larry (D) Jan 7, 1950 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Brown, Andy (G) Feb 15, 1944 Hamilton, ON, CAN
Burrows, David (D) Jan 11, 1949 Toronto, ON, CAN
DeMarco, Ab (D) Feb 27, 1949 Cleveland, OH, USA
Durbano, Steve (D) Dec 12, 1951 Toronto, ON, CAN
Edestrand, Darryl (D) Nov 6, 1945 Strathroy, ON, CAN
Herron, Denis (G) Jun 18, 1952 Chambly, QC, CAN
Hextall, Bryan (C) May 23, 1941 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Inness, Gary (G) May 28, 1949 Toronto, ON, CAN
Jones, Ron (D) Apr 11, 1951 Vermilion, AB, CAN
Kelly, John (R) Jun 6, 1946 Fort William, ON, CAN
Labre, Yvon (D) Nov 29, 1949 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Lagace, Jean-guy (D) Feb 5, 1945 L'Abord-a-Plouffe, QC, CAN
Lalonde, Robert (C) Oct 30, 1952 Toronto, ON, CAN
Lukowich, Bernie (R) Mar 18, 1952 North battleford, SK, CAN
Lynch, Jack (D) May 28, 1952 Toronto, ON, CAN
MacDonald, Lowell (L) Aug 30, 1941 New glasgow, NS, CAN
McDonough, Al (R) Jun 6, 1950 Hamilton, ON, CAN
McManama, Bob (C) Oct 7, 1951 Belmont, MA, USA
Nowak, Hank (L) Nov 24, 1950 Oshawa, ON, CAN
Paradise, Robert (D) Apr 22, 1944 St. Paul, MN, USA
Polis, Gregory (R) Aug 8, 1950 Westlock, AB, CAN
Pronovost, Joseph (R) Dec 18, 1945 Shawinigan Falls, QC, CAN
Rutherford, James (G) Feb 17, 1949 Beeton, ON, CAN
Schock, Ron (C) Dec 19, 1943 Chapleau, ON, CAN
Snell, Ted (R) May 28, 1946 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Stackhouse, Ronald (D) Aug 26, 1949 Haliburton, ON, CAN
Stoughton, Blaine (L) Mar 13, 1953 Gilbert Plains, MB, CAN
Watson, Bryan (D) Nov 14, 1942 Bancroft, ON, CAN
Wiley, Thomas (C) Apr 28, 1950 Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CAN
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