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D'Agostini, Matt (R) Oct 23, 1986 Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CAN
Dahlquist, Christopher (D) Dec 14, 1962 Fridley, MN, USA
Daigle, Alexandre (R) Feb 7, 1975 Montreal, QC, CAN
Daigneault, Jean-Jacques (D) Oct 12, 1965 Montreal, QC, CAN
Daley, Thomas (G) Feb 20, 1943 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Daley, Trevor (D) PIT Oct 9, 1983 Toronto, ON, CAN
Daniels, Jeff (L) Jun 24, 1968 Oshawa, ON, CAN
Davis, Kim (C) May 31, 1957 Flin Flon, MB, CAN
De Rouville, Philippe (G) Aug 7, 1974 Victoriaville, QC, CAN
Dea, Billy (L) Apr 3, 1933 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Debenedet, Nelson (L) Dec 31, 1947 Cordenons, ITA
Defazio, Dean (L) Apr 16, 1963 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Delorme, Gilbert (D) Nov 25, 1962 Boucherville, QC, CAN
DeMarco, Ab (D) Feb 27, 1949 Cleveland, OH, USA
Depalma, Larry (C) Oct 27, 1965 Trenton, MI, USA
Despres, Simon (D) ANA Jul 27, 1991 Laval, QC, CAN
Dillabough, Bob (C) Apr 27, 1941 Belleville, ON, CAN
Dineen, Gordon (D) Sep 21, 1962 Quebec City, QC, CAN
Dion, Michel (G) Feb 11, 1954 Granby, QC, CAN
Dollas, Bob (D) Jan 31, 1965 Montreal, QC, CAN
Dome, Robert (L) Jan 29, 1979 Senica, SVK
Donovan, Shean (R) Jan 22, 1975 Timmins, ON, CAN
Dopson, Robert (G) Aug 21, 1967 Smith Falls, ON, CAN
Downie, Steve (R) Apr 3, 1987 Newmarket, ON, CAN
Drazenovic, Nick (C) Jan 14, 1987 Prince George, BC, CAN
Duberman, Justin (R) Mar 23, 1970 New Haven, CT, USA
Duguay, Ronald (C) Jul 6, 1957 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Dumoulin, Brian (D) PIT Sep 6, 1991 Biddeford, ME, USA
Dupont, Micki (D) Apr 15, 1980 Calgary, AB, CAN
Dupuis, Pascal (R) PIT Apr 7, 1979 Laval, QC, CAN
Durbano, Steve (D) Dec 12, 1951 Toronto, ON, CAN
Dykstra, Steve (L) Dec 1, 1962 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Dziedzic, Joe (L) Dec 18, 1971 Minneapolis, MN, USA
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